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A new proposal of an elegant and precious marble: the Rainforest series, in rectified porcelain stoneware, reproduces with sophisticated graphics the characteristics of San Pedro marble, originating in Asia Minor.

Available in the 60x120 format, with a highly polished lapped surface, the Rainforest collection is characterized by a warm background color ranging from dove gray to ivory, on which the veins and weaves in the darker shades of reddish brown, rust and gray stand out.

A decidedly refined and very current product, which can be laid both on the floor and on the wall.

Combined with neutral colored products, such as cements, resins and woods, Rainforest is perfect for defining decorative areas within elegant and refined residential or commercial spaces.

EFFECT: Marble
USE: Floor, Interior, coverings
SIZE (cm): 60x120
MATERIAL: Stoneware


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