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The rigorous elegance of the grè strain, a sedimentary stone typical of the area of Lake Iseo, is reproduced with great fidelity and quality in this new collection of Iperceramica.

The Iseo Stone is available in 2 rectified sizes: 60x60 and 75x150.

The coloring is typical of the Dolomite stone: a neutral and luminous gray, interspersed with pebbles and sediments in contrasting, lighter and darker shades, which give rise to original and very varied graphics.

This product can be used in commercial or residential environments, both on the floor and on the wall, to define sophisticated and trendy spaces.

Particularly interesting is the combination with contrasting materials, such as parquet, wood-effect stoneware or colored tiles, which combine well with the gray of the Iseo Stone highlighting its elegance.

USE: Floor, Interior, wall covering
SIZE (cm): 60x60, 75x150
MATERIAL: Stoneware


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