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A new vintage-inspired collection that incorporates and reinterprets the colors and designs of traditional majolica tiles.

Made of 20x20 size glossy glazed porcelain stoneware, it is characterized by slightly irregular edges and surfaces to recall the typical, slight imperfections of handcrafted ceramics.

The Maiolica series features 25 different subjects, to be used mixed to create a very current patchwork effect, and is available in 2 color versions: Sun and Sea.

The sun is characterized by warm, Mediterranean colors, and on the background of a bright white stand out different shades of blue and touches of green, yellow, terracotta orange.

The Mare version, on the other hand, is monochromatic, available in different shades of blue and light blue that stand out against the white background.

Perfect to give personality to the walls of bathrooms and kitchens, it combines perfectly with materials such as wood, stone and concrete, and can be combined with the most varied types of furniture and style: from traditional environments to those with a more modern design, to create interesting contrasts.

The porcelain stoneware support allows the use of Majolica also outdoors.

The 25 different subjects are present in varying quantities inside the boxes.

EFFECT: Majolica
USE: Floor, Interior, exterior
SIZE (cm): 20x20
MATERIAL: Stoneware


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