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A complete porcelain stoneware collection that reproduces the colors and textures typical of traditional Tuscan terracotta; the slightly uneven edges and the rough surface make Impruneta tiles extremely realistic.

The product is available in 2 colors: Antico, a soft tone with shades ranging from the most pale pink to the most intense terracotta, and Rosso, a variant with a more decisive color, in shades of orange-red.

2 formats are available: 40x40 and 20x40. The 20x40 format is also proposed in the outdoor version, with a high slip resistance index (R11).

The graphics are well-kept, and develop with many different faces. The colors may vary from one tile to another in order to reproduce the variety and richness of terracotta with the utmost fidelity.

The Impruneta series can be combined with different materials, such as majolica or colored cement tiles, cements and woods, and is an extremely versatile product, to design environments with a traditional taste but also modern spaces in combination with contemporary design furnishings.

Suitable for residential and commercial use, it allows to combine the traditional aesthetics of terracotta and the characteristics of resistance, ease of cleaning and frost resistance typical of porcelain stoneware.

EFFECT: Cooked

USE: Floor, Interior,
SIZE (cm): 40x40, 20x40
MATERIAL: Stoneware


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