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An extraordinary collection in rectified porcelain stoneware that reproduces the fabric effect, perfect for creating floors and walls of great aesthetic impact, elegant and fun.
Created to make every room in the home comfortable, the Tatami series is also ideal for creating public spaces and commercial premises.

Tatami has a newly structured surface that perfectly recreates the slight movement of the fabric; the brushed finish makes this product pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. The Tatami collection is declined in 3 different articles.

Tatami White, 60x60, rectified: it is the solid color of the collection, in a delicate shade of ivory white; the graphics just mentioned recreate the weft and warp of a fabric with light shades.
Tatami Crossing, 60x60, rectified: the design in neutral tones of dove gray and warm gray reproduces on a ivory-white base the typical crossing of tartan fabrics; can be laid in combination with White.
Tatami Mix, 20x20 porcelain stoneware, rectified: 36 different designs create the patchwork version of this fabric effect tile.

The geometric patterns are always delicate and light, in neutral shades of gray and sand; can be used together with White.

The Tatami series is extremely versatile, and can be combined with many different materials, such as woods, cements, stones, to create always original environments

EFFECT: Fabric

USE: Floor, Interior
SIZE (cm): 60x60, 20x20
MATERIAL: Stoneware


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