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Series of interlocking porcelain stoneware coverings, size 16x40. The surface is three-dimensional, with protruding elements that create an interesting play of shadows.

The graphics reproduce with realism the typical veins of marble and stone in 3 different versions: White, with the gray veins typical of Statuario marble; Beige, in the warm shades of sand and turtledove, recalls the southern stones; Black, an intense color enlivened by white veins reproduces a classic Marquina marble. The particular shape of the individual elements allows the Versilia to be interlocked, creating a perfect "wall" effect.

Made in porcelain stoneware, Versilia can be used as a coating both indoors and outdoors, and is perfect for creating a decorative wall in the bathroom, kitchen, living area or commercial environment.

EFFECT: Marble

USE: Floor, Interior, cladding, exterior

SIZE (cm): 16x40
MATERIAL: Stoneware


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