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An extremely original rectified porcelain stoneware collection, available in size 75x75 with rectified edges.

The graphics, rich in details, recalls and reinterprets the materials of tradition: the stone worn by time, the iridescent surfaces of the resin, the light scratches of the cement.

The graphics of the Cargo are particularly visible on the edges of the individual tiles, where the colors are slightly attenuated.

4 the proposed color variants: Gesso, a warm and bright white; Sand, a natural and very current tone; Pewter, a modern concrete gray; Lava, an intense black, deep and rich in nuances.

Specific processes give the Cargo a particularly waxy and pleasant to the touch surface appearance, and enrich the ceramic material with patinated reflections reminiscent of metal plates.

A mosaic with hexagonal tiles, proposed in the same shades as the tiles, decorates and completes the series.

Thanks to the neutral but bold colors and the materiality of the surface, the Cargo represents a versatile product, suitable for modern environments, perfect in combination with traditional materials and in renovations.

It can be used on floors and walls, both in residential and commercial settings.

EFFECT: With waxy surface

USE: Floor, Interior, wall covering

SIZE (cm): 75x75
MATERIAL: Stoneware


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