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A complete collection of porcelain stoneware tiles whose graphics, extremely accurate but delicate, reproduce the shades of color, the veins and inclusions typical of light limestone rocks, such as Lecce stone or Jerusalem stone.

La Pietra del Sud is available in 2 colors: Beige, a sand color with light pink shades, and Gray, a neutral and luminous tone.

Different sizes and types available in both colors: 61.5x61.5 and 30.8x61.5, Wall covering.

The surface of the wall is three-dimensional, and reproduces the effect of thin stone elements placed side by side.

A versatile product thanks to the delicacy of colors and graphics, which make the Southern Stone easy to combine with different styles: from traditional to minimalist, up to the most modern choices combined with different materials such as woods, colored decorations, cement tiles.

It can be used both on the floor and on the wall, this product is also available in the outdoor version: Pietra del Sud Pavè, with a slip resistance index of R11, available in 2 colors Beige and Gray.


USE: Floor, Interior, wall covering

SIZE (cm): 61.5x61.5, 30.8x61.5
MATERIAL: Stoneware


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