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Large stoneware tile: 120x120, 10mm thick.

The series, characterized by the quality of the material and the graphics created with the most sophisticated digital printing technologies, is available in 6 different variants.

XLab Beton: a warm and neutral gray tone, reproduces the designs and inclusions of concrete; XLab Limestone: in shades of sand and turtledove, it reproduces the nuances and veins typical of light limestone rocks; XLab Pulpis: the enveloping and luminous gray of the background is enlivened by white veins, and perfectly recreates the graphics of the pulpis marble; XLab Statuario: the most classic of marbles, characterized by a white background and strong gray veins; XLab Calacatta: the beauty of marble, where the white background highlights the richness of the veins in shades of gray, golden dove gray, beige; XLab Marquinia: the depth of black marble enhanced by the bright white of the veins.

In the Beton and Limestone versions, the slightly moved surface is subjected to a final processing called "soft lapping", which makes the product extremely smooth and pleasant to the touch.

The marble effect versions - Statuario, Calacatta, Pulpis and Marquinia - have instead a refined and highly polished lapped surface.

The XLab collection can be used on floors and walls in residential, commercial and contract environments.

A complete and elegant series, to create refined and contemporary architectures.

Each item in the XLab 120x120 series is also available in the version in large slabs: 120x280 porcelain stoneware, 6mm thick, with identical color and surface characteristics

EFFECT: Marble

USE: Floor, Interior, wall covering

SIZE (cm): 120x120, 120x280

MATERIAL: Stoneware


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