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Realized in porcelain stoneware, the Ever collection is characterized by a light graphic, which reproduces the effect of the stone, and is declined in 2 color versions: in the warm tones of brown and turtledove, and in the colder tones of gray and pearl.

The 60x60 format is available in 4 different colors: for the cold shades Artik Gray, a dark gray enlivened by lighter shades, and Ice Pearl, a light and very bright gray; for the warm tones Earth Nut, a warm shade of brown, and Moon Light, a delicate dove-gray tone.

The 30x60 format is available in the 2 lightest colors: Ice Pearl and Moon Light.

In this same format, the decorative element with a structured surface is proposed, which reproduces the effect of a stone wall with irregular ashlars.

The wall is available in 2 colors: Moon Light and Ice Pearl.

The Ever series can be used both as a floor and as a covering, both in residential and commercial settings.


USE: Floor, Interior, wall covering

SIZE (cm): 30x60, 60x60

MATERIAL: Stoneware


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