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A large format product (75x75) in marble effect porcelain stoneware, rectified, characterized by a pleasant surface to the touch and numerous graphics that recreate with incredible precision the designs and veins of Marfil marble, in shades of cream, with delicate more marked veins , and Calacatta, a white and luminous background on which the gray veins stand out, enlivened by warm touches of orange.

Iperceramica offers a product of great refinement and versatility, perfect both for creating environments with a classic taste and for designing spaces in line with the most current trends in interior design.

It can be laid both on the floor and on the wall, alone or in combination with contrasting materials, such as wood or concrete, to obtain new and impressive effects.

Ideal for both residential and commercial use, the Vendome collection is completed by a series of coordinated single-fired wall tiles in the 40x120 format.

EFFECT: Marble

USE: Floor, Interior, wall covering

SIZE (cm): 75x75

MATERIAL: Stoneware


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