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The graphics are well-kept and rich in details, and faithfully reproduce the effect and warmth of the wood consumed over time: the knots, splits and grouting typical of reclaimed wood are the details that enrich each piece, and give this product a pleasant lived effect, warm, extremely realistic.

Thanks to this wealth of details, the Norway series is extremely versatile, and can be used in different types of environments: perfect for giving warmth and personality to modern or minimal environments, it is the ideal complement to trendy projects with a Northern European taste. it fits very well even in more traditional spaces.

It can be laid both on the floor and on the wall, alone or combined with other materials: beautiful combinations with contrasting products such as cements, precious marbles, stones, decorative coverings.

2 colors are available: White, a light and very neutral tint, enlivened by shades in the warm tones of gray and taupe; Natural, a natural wood tone, where the background in a pleasant golden brown is enlivened by more intense details and shades.

USE: Floor, Interior, wall covering
SIZE (cm): 20x170
MATERIAL: Stoneware

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