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Large porcelain stoneware tile: 120x120, 10mm thickness. Xlab Statuario reproduces a gray marble with its white shaded veins. The gray of the background is enlivened by strong white veins, which give depth and richness to the material. The honed surface is highly polished: a refined product, at the same time classic but in line with the most current trends in interior design and decoration, also in combination with different materials such as wood, stone, concrete, colored surfaces. AND'  perfect for residential and commercial environments, and allows you to create refined and contemporary architecture. 

This product is available, with identical color and surface characteristics, also in the large slab version, size 120x280, with a thickness of 6mm.

  • ADJUSTED:  Yup

  • STYLE:  Elegant, Classic, Minimal, Modern, Vintage, Trend

  • EFFECT:  Marble

  • SIZE (cm):  60x60

  • COLOR:  Pearl grey

  • THICKNESS (mm):  10

  • USE:  Floor, Wall, Interior

  • MATERIAL:  Stoneware

  • SURFACE FINISH:  Full lapped

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