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Michelessi S.r.l   marble since 1976


Company, based in Italy, Michelessi SRL has been operating since 1976 in the field of marble working for the construction and furnishing sector. Within our company we work highly qualified personnel, specialized in the production of customized and quality products.


Since 1976 it has continued to confirm the quality of its products and to guarantee the search for new solutions that respond to market demands.


Michelessi SRL realizes custom projects, marble installations for interior design and outdoor of the highest level

The strength of the company largely reflects the possibility of requesting tailor-made products; Thanks to our team of experts, let yourself be advised with ideas that are always new and in step with the times; you can request a unique product that suits your needs perfectly.

Our designers create 3D renderings to better understand the final result.



We know the marble as few others in the area, taking care of the details and the form, always ready to meet the needs of the customer, on our project or on the design provided.



Realization of all types starting from a simple marble threshold to the most complex projects.

For years we have been creating marble flooring, stairways, exterior and interior claddings for large and small buildings, marble bathrooms, outdoor and indoor masonry kitchen, swimming pools, marble tables and much more.


With experience and professionalism, the company Michelessi SRL is able to meet any need and request, making custom work even on the basis of drawings provided by customers.



Each marble work comes from three key elements: the client, the designer and the construction company. MIchelessi SRL has always created projects for all its customers, knows their needs, anticipates their needs and, if requested, provides a technical service able to carry out surveys, executive drawings and photo insertions also three-dimensional to accompany, with the most innovative experience and tools, the client in the final choice.



Discover in our gallery some examples of marble work.


For all marble work you just need to contact us to request a free quote, our experts will accept your requests and will prepare a quote that can then be discussed with the customer in every part to find the most suitable solution.



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